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First of all: Detailed information about all aspects mentioned below, thus about the subject ‘making of a CD’ are available [ here ].
Even musicians do not exactly know what a music label can (or should) do for them. This is why they often ask too late for professional help — but one informal call could save them a lot of money and help to avoid a lot of possible mistakes. And in the case of PMT the artists do exactly not ‘sell their soul’ to an organisation whose main purpose is to make money and milk the artists dry.

  • CD PRODUCTION: We assist our bands and artists during the CD production from the beginning (advice, making contacts, finding the right studio) to the end (CD copying, sponsoring questions, distribution)


    • Assistance when the production starts:
      • Advice concerning legal aspects (keywords: band transfer agreement, copyright, GEMA, GVL)
      • Discussion of the useful steps of the production (recording, mixing, mastering, CD copying)
      • Finding of studios that fulfill the needs (Where is a Steinway? Can a big band be sqeezed in?) and the best copy studio
      • Discounts for our artists
      • Contact to the graphic artists for making the cover design
      • and many other things
    • Assistance during the CD production: We are always there for you, and if you wish we also will come to the recording or mixing sessions

    • Postproduction: We will send copies of your brand new CD to certain addresses, like radio stations or music journalists, asking them for a review. Besides that, we advertise in known music magazines — this is cost-free for our PORTABILE artists!
  • CD DISTRIBUTION: We have a deal with CD Baby; this way, our CDs can be found (and bought) on the known platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and many others! [ read more ]

  • ORGANISATION AND SETUP OF CONCERTS for our bands and musicians

  • PMT’s main target is not earning money — as part of the Jazz-Club Trier we are a charity organisation: This means that any profit we make will be re-invested for label issues, thus becoming a benefit for our bands and artists!
It is obvious that all these services hardly can be (properly) done by a band or an artist alone: The use of a label is therefore highly recommended and — indispensable in Germany — its Label Code! — Last but not least it should be mentioned that PMT is present at all events of Jazz-Club Trier: at the box office, in its flyers or in show rooms. To top it off, Portabile also organises concerts for its artists — that’s our definition of post-produktion! ...

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